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Success with Direct Payment request


Registered User
Jul 13, 2014
I have been trying for some time now to get adequate Direct Payments to help with mum's care. Initially the amount offered was nowhere near enough to enable me to get evening and lunch help which is what I wanted (we already have morning carer). It paid to persevere, good news today, got what I asked for plus respite for 6 weeks a year on Direct Payment too so I can choose a home or maybe get someone to live in with mum for respite. Thought some of you might like to know about this, although I guess not all areas will be the same.


Registered User
Mar 26, 2014
Hi leswi. That's excellent news and gives me hope . I applied for self directed support in march 2014 . I'm still waiting ! My mum has been assessed and I have been told my mum qualifies for it , so hopefully it will be soon . At present I am using my savings to employ a carer . Fingers crossed it comes soon before my savings run out !
Best wishes