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Struggling seeing Dad suffering


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Apr 19, 2015
As I have another sleepless night worrying myself sick with knowing what to do next I wonder if anyone else has some advice. I have watched my Dad get worse after being in care for 18 months.
My Dad is having constant strokes due to his vascular dementia and he has fallen many times and has become very agitated. Coping with seeing him like this is upsetting enough but coping with Doctors and nurses all having different opinions about what to do is leaving me distraught. We have waited weeks for the psychiatric team to come and assess him and the Doctors wont change his medication with out that, I really dont know what to do. Does anyone know how I can make these things happen sooner I have rung Doctors weekly and I am told they will come soon. In the mean time I am left waiting for the phone call about the next accident or incident.


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Sep 17, 2010
You're obviously doing everything possible to get medical progress ASAP. Could it be time to bring in a third party to help?

You might, for example, choose to make a formal complaint to the head of the psychiatric team about the delay of weeks in assessing your Dad and the consequences of this.