Spanish legal nightmare


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I wish I had found this forum years ago. Both my parents developed dementia, in 1998 I saw a solicitor about selling their holiday flat in Spain, also started steps to get registered power of attorney for mum and receivership for dad. Dad died in 2001. The flat has been an unending nightmare, with lawyers taking different approaches to getting legal permissions recognised in Spain. I now think we have the right legal permissions but wrong lawyer and a sale due next week. latest lawyer has treated me like a criminal incompetent since (but not before) receving brief. has done nothing and now refuses to sign sale contract next week.

( I suspect there may be a problem with mum's now defunct foreigners identification number, and she is not ready for sale next week)

has anyone had these kind of problems?

In despair I put up a blog a few days ago. here.

love to hear any advice at all. am absolutely desperate.