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some more advice needed...


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Aug 14, 2007
you were all so helpful a fw days ago when I posted about mum attcking a day care worker.
The CPM visited today and the family and she agreed that mum should be admitted to our nearby mh hospital for observation for 3-4wks. my dad and bro have taken her to lunch then are taking her to Lytham Hospital.

Firstly, what can we expect? Anyone else been through this?
Secondly, I'm seem to have gone to pieces as I'm live sa far away from them and can't be there for this crucial step. I'm struggling to cope. Any advice words of wisdom??

Maria xx

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello Maria,

I hope the problems your mother has are sorted out during her assessment and observation during the next few weeks.

I have never been through this process, so can`t help you there. Sorry.

As for falling to pieces, it`s so understandable. You want to be there, to help, reassure and know first hand what`s happening. Being so far away, you have to rely on the family and the medics to feed you information. However accurate it will be, it`s second hand, and you want it first hand.

I hope you`ll have an opportunity to visit your mother while she`s in hospital, it`ll make you feel so much better.

Please keep us posted.

Love xx