social services not helping


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Feb 2, 2004
My wife (72 years old) has had frontal lobe dementia for the last four years. We have had no end of problems trying to get help from social services with washing etc. Even though i am being treated for cancer they still drag their heels. Its been over a year now without help. Does any one else experience these problems with social services. Any ideas appreciated.


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Aug 18, 2003
east sussex
Dear Clarky
4 years ago my mum and i were fighting the system to get help into the home - sadly the fact is you have to chase every avenue possible to get it - those that shout the loudest get results. i had to resort to enlisting support from local MPs and the Al Society to get any results. I wrote letters to named people in high places and in the end we got some help at home for mum. Go for it and pester them, make it clear the problems you are having. I hope you are claiming for the care you do for your wife - if not do it tomorrow!
With kind regards Susan