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Slowing down dementia study


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Jan 21, 2013
I have a mum who is in the mid stages of dementia so this may not possibly be applicable to her, so I'm posting in this part of the forum as it may be helpful for people who have loved ones in the early stages.

I live in New Zealand and in today's newspaper was this article - 'Music, dance, diet key to slowing down dementia - study'


I'm sure a lot of people are already aware of this, but just thought I'd highlight it here. Whether the study once completed finds this works or not, it can't be a bad thing anyway, to try to keep the brain more engaged and have a healthier lifestyle in general.

Mum has always smoked and she has vascular dementia - so the smoking has played a part in this but of course, after 70 years of smoking she's not about to give up now but maybe if your loved one smokes and could give up that could be beneficial too.

(But for me, mum has become more fixated on smoking - it's the one thing she hasn't forgotten!).

Anyway, just thought I'd share this because if it helps one person to 'arrest' the illness for the time being, it'll be worth the post.


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Aug 24, 2013
No disrespect to what the man says but all he's done is to add together everything known/suspected to work and added all the things that can only be good on top, the list includes:
Music, dance, diet and exercise: vitamin B, omega 3 - and exercise, music and cognitive therapy: music, dance, all kinds of stimulation, computer games:
Socialisation is also very important, staying in touch with people.

And I'm sure he's right in his claim it "may be keys to slowing down dementia" all of those thing can only be good and note he only says "may", however I feel he is definitely right. What you get offered here is bingo and Vera Lynn maybe a bit of Frank Sinatra if you're lucky and all the talk about powdered egg and the Radio Times.
My opinion is if there is a delay mechanism it's simulation (as the man says) and never stop doing it, even though my wife's abilities are quite limited these days I can fill the kettle walk back and ask her to turn it on or make the toast and ask her to butter it, anything that keeps her engaged and thinking at no matter how trivial a level,
If your in a one on one situation and have access to socialising activities then you could maybe make it work, regrettably in care homes I thing it's unlikely and before that stage it means either you, your partner or the state has to do it, what's the chance of that?
Nice post Jean and worth a share but it is something you have to do for yourself in the UK, one day maybe when joined up thinking happens.