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Sleeping at night


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Jun 21, 2020
My mum was prescribed Rispiredone to claim her down and help her get some sleep. Not sure how long this will take to work. Been using it for 10 days the night issues have been 1 night she will sleep fine the next night she doesn’t sleep and the next she does and so on This was happening before the pills. on the night she does not sleep it because she images people are trying to get in to the house to take her things. Can anyone suggest anything else What about any CBD?
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Aug 30, 2013
Contact the person who prescribed the Rispiredone, and ask for a review, it may take a few attempts to get the best dose.



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Sep 9, 2018
Mid Lincs
Risperidone worked for my OH within 24hrs. The change was amazing even tho' we still had a few niggles, so the dosage was increased 1mg after 2 weeks.
What dosage is mum on? it maybe that the doctor intends to increase her dosage, did he ask to see her again next week? Either way I would have a word even tho' it can take a few weeks for the meds to fully get into the system. Or he may try something else.