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SIL has told mum we're on holiday

Pear trees

Registered User
Jan 25, 2015
My SIL has told my mum we are on holiday for 2 weeks despite me asking her not to. She has also said I will not call her. I can't understand why as she knows mum will get confused and upset.
My mum is now convinced no-one will be coming to see her, she will have no food and will be left to starve. She is pushing her panic button almost daily.
I've tried to reassure her and put messages on her white board but nothing helps. I have told her I will still call her late pm.
I have been planning this Panama Canal cruise for over a year for my OH's 60th. I have done all I can to make sure she is looked after while I'm away.


Registered User
Jul 30, 2014
It's done and you can't change it. Tell your Brother(?)/SIL to deal with the fallout. Go away and enjoy yourself - you deserve it and doubtless you need the break.


Registered User
Nov 4, 2014
It's done and you can't change it. Tell your Brother(?)/SIL to deal with the fallout. Go away and enjoy yourself - you deserve it and doubtless you need the break.
I agree with redlou, you can't change anything now, just go away and enjoy your precious time the OH. Get your relatives to sort it out. You've done everything right.
Have a wonderful time


Pear trees

Registered User
Jan 25, 2015
It looks like we won't be going now anyway. My OH went to bed really early with a recurring sinus infection and is on strong antibiotics, saying he's not up to the long flight tomorrow.
I'm having a good cry in the spare room surrounded by suitcases and praying he feels better at 5.00am, and hoping to get some sleep myself.

Amy in the US

Registered User
Feb 28, 2015
oh, no

I don't have anything helpful to say, just very sorry to hear your news. I hope that somehow, it works out for you.


Registered User
Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands
Easy. The tickets are booked so go with or without OH :eek:

Yeah I know. It's not that easy.....

Why is it that we, those that do the caring are never considered???

Hoping you get your canal cruise. Sometimes we have to care for ourselves hard though that is.....

I'm sorry. I'm going through a WHY ALWAYS ME, BUT WHAT ABOUT ME phase......

I've had carer breakdown. Don't let it happen to you. Get that sinus filled OH up and ready for 5am. The break will do you both good. Canal air to clear his sinus, middle of nowhere for you


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Il Gufo

Registered User
Feb 27, 2013
Oh Peartrees, how disappointing for you! I hope I'm not overstepping the mark, but OH seems a bit dramatic ? If he's got strong antibiotics they should quickly kick in, and he is only 60, not in his dotage . If he refuses to go I agree with 2Jays - be strong and go alone. I'm willing to bet if you tell OH you're thinking of doing so he will suddenly be able to travel after all!


Registered User
Jul 21, 2015
Yes totally agree if oh let's you down go on your own He should be happy you are going Have a great time.


Registered User
Jun 27, 2012
A hot and humid weather will be good for his sinus. There are some nasal spray that helps on flights (sinus may cause ear pain in flight).

Have a nice vacation.

Pear trees

Registered User
Jan 25, 2015
Thanks for suggestions. I think the antibiotics will work overnight, he just gets all stressed beforehand about the flight. He's well over 6' so I have booked extra leg room and got sprays etc.
I will suggest going without him, and he stays to look after my mum, that's bound to make him suddenly get better!

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