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Sensors for Falls

sonia owen

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Hi All,

Anyone know anything about sensors to detect if a person has fallen on the floor. Not the kinds to tell if someone has fallen from their bed or chair. More the ones that can alarm to get help when the person has fallen in the home. Not so much the pendant kind that the person has to remember to press, or forgets to due to the dementia.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
I'm a bit confused about your request.

There are many sensors, either pendant or worn on the wrist, that detect a person has fallen. Out of a bed, off a chair, or just fallen, doesn't matter. They connect to a monitoring unit which alerts a care agency via the phone line.

Just ask your chosen telecare provider about 'fall sensors'


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Feb 25, 2014
Radcliffe on Trent
Instead of a pendant, mum's Carelink alarm was a wristband which was supposed to be a falls detector. Sadly it did not trigger when she fell, and when I asked later why not it was suggested that it had not hit the flor hard enough. Admittedly this was only one experience, but it seems they are less effective if someone falls the 'wrong' way.

And of course when mum was on the floor, she couldn't remember that pressing the button would raise the alarm for help, but that is obviously not the fault of the device itself.

sonia owen

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Bed Sensors

Hi All,

Our OT came last week and we had two bed sensors fitted on our mum's bed. Had it timed so that when she gets out in the night to go to the loo, if she is longer than 30mins the call centre would ask if she was ok, if there was any problem then they would call me. I have to make sure it is in the correct place when I make the bed. So far so good. Its giving me more peace of mind after mum's fall during the nights.
Sonia x