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Seems my mum is at the later stage of dementia-but SO SUDDEN!


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Nov 9, 2014

I posted a few weeks ago explaining that after an infection my mum seemed like she'd aged about 20 years no exaggeration!

She's no better and has been admitted to hospital from her care home as she seemed to be deteriorating as stopped eating and barely drinking.

A month ago she could walk, talk, eat.
I saw her yesterday and she's writhing around in bed, legs tring to get out, cannot really speak. She acknowledges my presence and wants to hold hands but that's all she's able to do. A speech and language therapist has recommended soft puréed food.

I just cannot believe she's changed soooo quickly!

She may have had a TIA that no one picked up on, but all doctors can currently diagnose is progression of the dementia.

My mum is only 72. Really wasn't expecting such rapid deterioration!


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Dec 15, 2012
Don't really know what to write Jess 1982 - such a tough situation - I hope you both have the support you need right now.


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Mar 23, 2015
Your mum

My Mam has had rapid progression as well. She progressed rapidly in March and was admitted to a care home April urgently due to wandering. She had had quite a few TIAs before and after her stroke. Had she ever had a scan your Mum?

is your Mum on clopidrogrel or anything? My Mam was prescribed it but sadly it was missed off her dommar chart, she is on it now though.



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Feb 18, 2015
I'm sorry to hear about your mum, and sorry I can't really offer any help except to say that I had a similar experience with my mother....

She had become incontinent as while waiting for SS to get their act together between me and my sisters we managed to make sure someone was with her at all times.

Suddenly one day she could no longer manage the stairs, she was falling asleep while we were helping her up them. After the second day of this she woke in bed unable to move her legs at all. We had no option but to call an ambulance and since she was not able to be sent home (although the hospital did try before admitting her) she went from hospital to a care home. We found while she was in hospital that she too had an infection.

She can now manage a few "steps" at most with a frame and two people supporting her, I really am very sorry to hear about your mum she is the same age as my mum.