Seeking help on where to begin

laura ward

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Nov 1, 2023
Hello my name I Laura
I have a elderly neighbour/friend of thirteen years. She has been gradually getting confused for a while but always manageable. I've noticed lately it's getting a lot worse for example today she rang because she thought someone had been in her house and changed the clocks and date on everything they were all correct except for one clock that i missed turning back a hour. She then had got worked up because the hairdresser hadn't been she isn't due while tomorrow it's on her Calander that she had looked at. She has no clue she is confused and can hold a conversation but has no family I'm all she has. I don't want to upset her but don't know how to ensure she's safe as I work full time also and am looking to move house . Sorry for the long post just have no clue where to begin
Thank you for the help


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Aug 31, 2003
Welcome to the forum @laura ward.

It must be so worrying for you and you’re clearly a good friend to your neighbour. It might be useful to contact the local social services department and ask to speak to someone on the duty team. Explain your concerns and emphasise that you think this lady is in a very vulnerable situation and she has nobody to support her. Hopefully they’ll look into it.


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Aug 2, 2022
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Welcome to this friendly and supportive forum from me too @laura ward .

I am sorry to read about your neighbour and the concerns you have. @Izzy has already given good advice which I would most certainly agree with. If there is no family for this lady, then she should be on Social Services radar at the earliest time as a potentially vulnerable person.