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Jan 8, 2007
hi, our mam has suffered az for many years, she lives alone, she has no short term memory, we look after her everyday she knows who we all are, but has no insight to her condition and does not know she is bieng cared for, she is brill during the day, can do ironing and even feed new grandaughter, our problems begin when she goes home at six. she still thinks the local pub is where she HAS to go every night. thinks she wont get a seat, thinks all her friends are there, we can not stop her its a compulsion. most nights she is either locked out or just leaves her door open, she was going to be sectioned in november but we couldnt go through with it (wanted her with us xmas). she will not go to daycentre,s. tried respite, she was there two hours and they asked me to take her home because she was so agitated. she went to pub last week and tried to buy a drink with t.bags, now section has been mentioned again, i am so frightened for her, has anyone experienced having a loved one who can seem ok sometimes and then really confused, put in an assesmant unit, sorry its long i am so worried


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Jan 18, 2007

Sorry to hear about your mum.

A couple of years ago mum lived on her own and I work and live a long distance away. Mum had not been right for a number of years and my sister was liasing with her doctors.

I received a call at work from a concerned neighbour who found her in a local supermarket trying to buy her shopping with her watch, of course i immediately got someone round to her, my daughters lived local to her and started to care from a distance, this went on for a few weeks and then she became aggressive and paranoid. I had to take her into hospital for assesment, they also stated that although she had come into hospital of her own free will (to be truthfull all I told her was she was going to see the doctor) if she insisted leaving they would section her on a 28 day section but this never occurred.

Yes this was very scary as Alzheimers had not been mentioned to this point or at least not to my knowledge.

Mum was in hospital for a period of about six weeks and it was there that they diagnoised alzheimers.

They also felt she could no longer live on her own and recommended residential care.

Mum live with me now.

Sounds like your mum needs to be assessed fully and unfortunately they can only do this in a controlled enviroment.

hope this helps and good luck