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runaway mum


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Aug 18, 2012
blyth northumberland
had awful night . dad phoned to say mam had disappeared. first time this has happened and prob not b last. had to go looking round for her, thankfully found her safe and well . worried for her and dad as he 80 now but thinks he can do everything himself. :(


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Feb 10, 2010

There are a couple of things you could do in case it happens again...

Visit their local police station, explain situation and that she may well wander in future and leave them with a photo of your mum together with background information etc. by doing this they can immediately start looking for her if you give them a call. I would explain to your dad that he MUST phone them first as they can perhaps locate her before she perhaps gets on a bus or a train or even a taxi and is then out of the immediate area!

Secondly, make a note of your mum's name and a phone number and place a copy of it in any garment that your mum might wear to go our. Buy one of those charity bracelets and write her name...dementia...phone number on it in permanent marker . Get your mum to wear it all the time and point out it is to show support for the armed forces..you and your dad could also wear one too if it helps her keep her one on!

Your dad might need to consider keeping the doors locked too, in future!



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Jul 4, 2013
Gosh how frightening! I would lock all doors this is just too dangerous your poor dad! What a great man to look after her like this at his age!:(


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Jan 3, 2013
I am so sorry to hear of your mum and dad. Its so worrying isn't it.

My MIL has got out sneakily twice. Hubby had to do the run around to find her.

Now we keep the doors locked at all times and hide the keys. Side gate bolted at all times. I believe I have heard on this forum you can get mats that make a noise if stepped on?? They could go at back and front door. I made credit card sized cards which I laminated with ours and SIL mobile phone numbers on and stuck them everywhere we could think of i.e. in MIL handbag, purse, pockets of her coats, shopping bags etc. She doesn't even notice them. But at least if she were to get out then hopefully someone might be able to call us. Mind you our fear was she would get run over as she doesn't look to cross the road anymore. Hence the fort nocks here!