Right of returning my mother home after a care home


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Oct 14, 2023

Looking for some advice.

My mother was sectioned in August. She stayed in hospital until mid October then was discharged to a care home.

It was obvious she was discharged to the first place which accepted her. We were told on the Thursday morning they were assessing her, that afternoon they told us she would be moving in a taxi the following Monday! This was completely unacceptable, no discussion, no prior visit, no real notice. I have been in touch with various Alzheimers agencies and advocacy agencies and all are shocked at the way this was done. Nevertheless, we supported the move but since arrival we have seen she is not correctly placed at all.

I want her to return home with 24hr care. As she was sectioned her care is being paid for by the NHS.
Previously she had became very agitated and got violent. This was short spats but we’re becoming every few days.

Her presentation has changed dramatically since she has been correctly medicated, we have had over a month of relaxed and calm behaviour, apart from a slight blip on arrival at the new home. However, she has now returned to being manageable and content.

I am not rushing things and happy to take it slowly but I am not willing to leave her there for any length of time. It is detrimental to her well-being everyone in the residential home is a lot more unwell than her.

Her social worker and care team have concerns due to her previous behaviors and are resistant to trying home. My family and myself think she would be better at home.

What right do we have? We don’t have power of attorney over health. Can they stop us?

Thanks In advance!


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Mar 25, 2016
Hello @MichellePer is your mother currently receiving Section 117 aftercare? If so, the provision of S117 aftercare is a legal requirement so it may be difficult to have this removed if the care team/social worker have concerns about your mother returning home. You mention in a previous thread that your father is disabled so this may be a factor in their concerns, particularly as your mother has previously been violent. Have you discussed with your mum's care team the possibility of a move to another care home? It may be that alternative places are limited but as already mentioned, it isn't usual for the NHS/Social services to fund 24hr care at home You might find the link below to MIND helpful as it explains reasons when a S117 might be removed, and the process to follow if you have any concerns. I have also included a link to the Dementia Support Line as they will be able to provide you with more specific advice about this complex issue:




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Oct 14, 2023
Thank you for your responses. The meeting was useful yet futile. The main issue being giving her medication covertly and safety concerns for my mum in a 2 story house. There was no mention of finances, her care is being funded.

I’m at such a loss, we have such a complicated situation due to my fathers disability and me living abroad.

The beds available for my mum are very limited and many wouldn’t accept her due to previous behaviors. Yet, the care team and the home agreed she is ona very Severe ward.

The guilt is tremendous as I think if I lived back at home I could make the situation much better for all, except myself!


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Oct 12, 2023
Can you fund 24 hours care at home ?I doubt SS or NHS will-It costs twice what a care home does
I agree with@ Jessbow: they will not fund home care. My husband is in a Dementia nursing home and the SS told me the cost of keeping him safe at home would be double the expensive home he is in.


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Feb 25, 2014
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The guilt is tremendous as I think if I lived back at home I could make the situation much better for all, except myself!
Knock that guilt monster off your shoulder!
It is the dementia that is causing all the problems, not the fact that you are not here. You would not be able to change anything nor modify your mums behaviour in any way, She requires very specialist nursing care now, not something that can be provided at home

This uncertain period is upsetting for everyone, but hang on in there. Once a suitable nursing home has been found, your mum has moved and is settled, things will become easier all round

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