Review of long-term care funding - News today


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Nov 28, 2005
remains a black hole in funding for the care of the elderly
Thank you Craig - yes indeed the above is an understatement.

The trouble is they all talk wisely about underfunding and needs of the elderly - BUT when will anything actually be done about it.



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Jun 29, 2007
North Wales
Like to add my thanks, Craig for highlighting this.

I can see the future is leading me to face this problem. We haven't had the chance to spend our money and, almost certainly it is going to sucked away by care home fees instead of going to the good causes we wanted..

Spin and sickening soothing words make it worse.

I'll go and read some happy Tea Room posts...............

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
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I will look at these links tomorrow. I am an accountant, I have to say with no experience at all of these funding issues, but perhaps can look at the stuff with a different pair of eyes to other people. I'll see what I think.

And if any of you spot issues in there, please let me know. Perhaps together we can work out what is going on.




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Aug 3, 2006
Talk, talk talk

Cynthia, yes you spotted me. I'm still a sucker for any changes there might be when it comes to care for the elderly. But like Cliff said it's just talk.
After 12years of caring for my wife seven of which she's been doubly incontinent I find very little good to say about the system.
The best thing I ever did was to remove her from a NH more than four and a half years ago. Now I find because I chose to care alone, it's as though we don't exist.
Last month around our 52nd wedding ann., I had a bad bout of flu. I'd just washed and was dressing her, when she was sick on the bed. Thought I'd phone the department who use to deal with her four years ago when she was at death's door. They'd never heard of us! Seeking advice about feeding her and as to what would happen if I was too ill or hurt? After explaining that Jean is stiff, can't move or speak, the nurse asked if she is in pain, and to ask her where the pain is! As for my problem should I become too ill to care, I'm advised to plone Carers Support who would send someone to sit with Jean while I made my way to the GP. The picture of me with a broken leg hopping along the road to the GP gave me a laugh. In the end I phoned NHS Direct more questions. Answers:
No I don't know who our GP is.
No haven't seen doctor nurse or anyone else since Feb when she was rushed to A&E.
No we haven't had a check-up in two years.
No, no flu jab, but me may get lucky.
Yes we're over 65, I'm 76 and she's 73.
I was promised they would get in touch with the community Nurse and explain that it was in everyones interest that I be given a regular check-up and we receive a flu jab. The person was good enough to phone back and let me know he'd passed on the information. That was two weeks ago, I'm not surprised I expect nothing. We're both doing fine and the longer I'm a carer (or is that what I am?) the greater the pleasure it gives me. Faults hopes I can do without.
Wish I could help some of you folk out there, all I can do I wish you well. Padraig