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Discussion in 'I care for a person with dementia' started by tatty, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. tatty

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    Oct 14, 2015
    Hi MIL lives with us since NoV 2014. our frontroom as her bedroom, she has been assessed as L.A funded and we had a carers assessment back in Oct which recommended respite.... thought SIL would not be able to have her but then did in Dec. MIL is 91 macualar degenration, mild to moderate mixed dementia on donezpil, hearing loss, walkng stick etc, she is on her L.A (42year plus residency) list for extra care of the list but in the interim things are becoming unmanageable here as she is a danger to be left alone, teenagers..GCSE year etc etc...we both work. ulcers etc etc .mMiL has lower AA for Years..she is reasonably continent.

    We are concerned that when extra care becomes available she will be deemed that likely in any one opinion?

    It has been suggested to us that in respte a more in depth analysis could be done regarding MIL suitability and abilities rather than the 10 minutes spent with the SW thus far believing MIL in all her hostessing glory.:confused:

    Funding of respite how does it work? As it would be better for her to be in her old L. Athough her assement and respite funding would be from our L.A where she is presently resident.(here with us)

    Can our L.A contract with the other L.A or out of borough care home for respite directly?

    We don't want a direct payment which our L.A seemed very keen on last Oct.

    Do we find and agree home and then inform our L:A?

    I know to research the cqc reports etc... yet to visit any.

    In people's experience for non emergency long does it take to organise/set a date.

    If L.A funded respite is their a qualifying duration before you are eligible?

    If after carehome stay the hom view was extra care was unsuitable who would decide? Our L.A who is keen on extra care as it is deemed housing so is cheap for them??

  2. balloo

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    Sep 21, 2013
    dont now in your area but in mine to do respite in a home its 2 weeks minimum and £2000 for the privaledge and not bookable other than withing a couple of weeks and this can change, other tah that crossroads do up to 72 hrs in yher own home free up to 3 times a year will let you know how this goes at end of april as our first respit in 3 years as we are for MIL who has vascular dementia and has lived with us for over 3 years
  3. Skyrim

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    Jun 19, 2015
    Respite? What's that??

    I don't want to be depressing but respite seems to be rarer than hens's teeth or, at best, a luxury for some. Our area closed all the LA care homes to put funding into community care and Carers Act implementation and our experience has been a massive cut in service provision. So, although we are approved for 4 weeks respite a year, there are no places that the LA can find for us and I simply don't have the time to check out the many private homes, find who offers respite and then arrange a short notice stay. Assuming we could afford it. Our LA will contribute a "usual amount" of @£400 pw. Most places charge twice that.

    if, as your say, you're going to get LA funding, try to find out what this will be and then work out if your can cover any additional cost. Let the LA know asap when you want to be away and either request they arrange it....which they probably will if you don't have direct payments, or give you places you can contact and check out yourselves, with some written guarantee of the amount they will contribute. Once you get an agreement as to who is doing what, contact them frequently re progress as my experience was that they were not going to rush to tell me they couldn't find a place and I would have to cancel my plans.... on our three attempts to get this "agreed" respite.

    I wish you luck. We haven't had a break from MIL in two years because SSD can't get their act together.

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