Respite Care

sonia owen

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Hi All,

Many of you may remember that I have booked to go to Sydney with my hubby in Dec for 5 weeks, to spend time with our family. After all that has happened with mum over the last few weeks. I really think for our peace of mind during my absents, that she has a little holiday in a care home. I don't really feel I can go and leave her.No point me worrying all the time, I would rather lose my deposit than go .Let my nubby go on his own.

If I can get her to agree to care. I was wondering as she goes to a day centre twice a week which is run by the council. Would she still be able to attend during the care time?
She is helped with the cost of the day centre charges and would also be entitled to some funding for the respite care. I would think you would not be funded for both somehow.
Love Sonia xx