Respite care

Jane with Jean

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Feb 21, 2024
Hi, I'm hoping that Mum will be able to stay in a Care Home whilst I go on holiday. I had thought that I'd try to arrange three nights initially and see how she was; then hopefully have a week in the autumn. However, my sister wonders whether the initial few days might be unsettling but that she would be more settled afterwards. She therefore wonders if I should try to book a month when we visit her regularly so that when I'm actually away for three days she is already settled. Has anyone any relevant experience or know of any research on the subject? Thanks, Jane with Jean


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Apr 13, 2018
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I think your sister has a point, although your mum might settle right away, or not settle at all even if she is there for a month. I also think that most care home would like you to book a couple of weeks rather than a day or two. There is also a problem as not all will have space at the time you need it. Have you investigated any homes yet? If not I'd start doing that now. Not all homes are alike and what suits one person won't another. Care Home UK is a good site to help you make a preliminary list of homes to visit. Although reviews and reports are useful, nothing beats actually going have a look for yourself.
Mum never went into respite care, so I have no first hand experience. I'm sure those that have will be along with their experiences in a minute.


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Dec 8, 2023
Hello, I just wondered if you had instead considered someone coming in to live in with your mum whilst you are on holiday? That way she could stay in a familiar environment and the time could be tailored to your needs.


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Jan 23, 2024
Hi. I am going through this. The dedicated team locally who “help” to find placements told me I can only book through them 2 weeks before it is needed. I mean who the hell wants to leave it so late. I have found a home locally where my mum will go. Of course that depends on her agreeing to stay when we get there, , which she may not do, which is another worry. We were advised not to go visit in the days before our holiday as that may unsettle her and she would think we have come to take her home.i hope you find a solution, it is not easy is it?