Residential Care


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Apr 3, 2005

Does anyone know what the possible options are on residential care. My Grandmother has been diagnosed with dementia earlier this year and my Grandfather has been caring for her. However he is now finding it difficult to cope and my uncles are talking about them selling their house and buying somewhere warden controlled. Personally I don't think this will be any good because its help with my Nan's care that is needed.

It will devastate them if they are separated but I understand that since Nan is ill she will need to go into a home that can deal with her mental state whereas Grandad isn't ill at all and I don't know if he would be able to join her wherever she goes.

I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me on this as I think at the moment my uncles are trying to rush things without considering all the possibilities.




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Mar 16, 2005
Hi Sarah,

From personal experience, my Dad is in a Home which is just around the corner from where he lived with my Mum. Although separation was very difficult for my Mum, she can visit him any time and spends every afternoon with him with few exceptions. If there is no appropriate Home near your Grandad and he does not have access to transport, this might be more tricky.

However, before considering a Home for your Nan, there is respite care, Day Centres (as spoken about in the 'Beginning of a long road' thread) and I believe help can be provided in their own home, although I don't know much about this - someone else may be able to tell you more.

If your Grandparents go into a warden controlled property, as you rightly say, this is probably not the long term answer regarding care of your Grandmother nor for providing help for your Grandfather which he will need.

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Oct 9, 2003
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Hi Sarah and welcome to talking point.
I do not think sheltered accomodation is the answer,it is really only moving the problem from one place to another.
Have you contacted social services?
Your grandparents are entitled to an assessment of their needs by a social worker and when their needs are agreed social services will assist in providng help.
There are voluntary bodies who provide sitters such as Crossroads,there is a charge.
I f you go to the top left hand corner of this page click on "factsheets", No 462 short term care, may be helpful to you.
Hope this is helpful,come back wheever you feel the the need to talk
Best Wishes


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Sarah, I echo Norman in welcomining you to T.P.

You need to take a long look before rushing into any drastic change of circumstance. Please make sure that what you put in place in really (I was going to say an answer) going to assist. S.S. are very quick to say "oh what you need is xxxx" but are quite difficult to pin down to actualities.

Sorry to sound so negative, but have just been let down by SS, I feel I would have done better if they had not raised my hopes Regards, Connie.