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Mar 1, 2015
I am so proud my father in law and myself took part in research today for the national centre for mental health. since being thrust into the world of dementia I don't know about anybody else but I need to know there is a bit of hope for the future


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Sep 17, 2010

There's actually a lot of hope around at present - from using sound to blast away the AS plaques (works in mice!) through lifestyle guidance to new drug treatments.


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Oct 19, 2009
Well done sleepingplum. I did two hours of tests last year as part of a study to guage the affects of stress on the health and cognitive function of spousal carers of people with dementia. It is apparently thought that dementia carers, particularly spouses of people with dementia, are at increased risk of going on to develop dementia themselves, and the boffins are trying to find out why - they are assuming it's the increased stress. So the study I took part in will be tracking several hundred carers over a few years. I agree - there has to be hope to keep us looking forward. And all such research is vitally important.