Research into nervous disorders.


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Oct 25, 2023
Hi everyone, first of all thank you so much for adding me too this group. First of all let me introduce my self, also my reason for joining the group. My name is Bill, I’m retire and aged 70. For many I worked in a aluminium fabrication factory. After a few years I became a trade unionist, which started my research into aluminium oxide, i,e fumes also aluminium dust/powder. My research led me to a young lady in Canada by the name of Janice Martell. Reading her story regarding miners in Canada of which her father was one of these miners. In his later life he developed Parkinson’s decease which eventually claimed his life. Janice’s research took her back too the 1940, where miners were encouraged to inhale aluminium powder capsules. The idea of inhaling these capsules would protect them against silicosis, which in 1975 proved not to be the case. So, with the backing of the Miners Union also the medical council. She set about taking the country too task, first finding miners across Canada that had been made to inhale these capsules of McIntyre aluminium powder. Too date she has gained recognition that the powder has been responsible Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s in miners. Her fight still continues today for recognition into other nervous disorders. With this information I have now got the Trade Union Council T.U.C involve, which has set aside a T.U.C health advisor in support. There is much evidence out there it just trying to bring this evidence to light. Obviously there will people at higher levels that shall put obstacles in our way. But at the age of 70, my hope is to at least get the doubt out there in people’s minds. So at least take a look into these findings and give it the attention it deserves. If anyone has any questions, I shall do my best too answer them.
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