Reminyl Medication


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May 5, 2005
south wales
Hope I have posted in the correct section!

David has had his medication changed from Reminyl 12mg tablets twice daily to a new slow release capsule. The new capsule is Reminyl 24mg slow release and hopefully will help me make sure he has taken his medication as he can have it at tea-time when I am home. Also, because it is slow release it should help with his sicky feeling he sometimes got with the tablets.

Just thought I would offer this bit of info for anyone else on Reminyl.



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May 27, 2005
Thanks for the info... I've just been doing something on Reminyl, so I've found all the info. on the 'regular' tablets but not the slow release capsules.

Hope David goes okay with the meds. change... I'd also like to hear about that, so I could share the info. with others who might ask 'are they any good' (I know it's different for each person, but any info. is always useful to share).

Thanks again.