Recycling bins.


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May 28, 2023
Mine will walk out to the compost bin with a single banana skin when there is a pot full of other stuff to go. Or as the mood takes him, he will put the skin in the rubbish bin in the kitchen.
Yup, very similar here. He never finishes doing it properly. He goes out with a bin bag leaving stuff waiting to be taken out. Cannot save himself wasted journeys even when it is suggested to take it all at once.

annieka 56

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Aug 8, 2022
Wondering if anyone else has this problem. The council have put a notice on my plastics bin and refused to empty it as OH had emptied a small pot of compost into it. Having cleaned this out I have now found the potato peelings in it. I suppose I’m lucky he can peel the potatoes!
It depends on the lay out of where your bins are of course but would it be possible to move/hide the recycling bin, tell him it's broken, put recycling in a cardboard box indoors then you can can transfer it on bin day? Do you have a nice understanding neighbour who could keep your bin? Or would he notice all of this.

Galloping grannie

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Feb 24, 2022
Good suggestions, unfortunately don’t have suitable neighbours. Found they were storing their bins on our land against the wall of the house. Were most unpleasant when I asked them to move them..will try the box indoors