Recommended Reading - "Alzheimer's For Dummies"

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  1. No folks... this isn't a joke... although I don't like the title it's a great book - and anyone who's read the 'Dummies' series will probably know how accessible and informative they are.

    I've just seen one going cheap on eBay:
    Click Here

    Now I'm not on commission here, I bought my copy on eBay quite some time ago and think that it's an excellent book - and believe me, through my three years training I've accessed lots of source material (you want to see how much some of them cost too - unbelievable).

    Here's some of the official blurb:

    Alzheimer’s For Dummies takes a realistic look at Alzheimer’s Disease, what it is and what it isn’t. It offers pertinent, easy-to-understand advice for dealing with the myriad concerns and responsibilities that a primary caregiver must assume when managing an Alzheimer’s patient.

    Here’s a sampling of the information you’ll find in this valuable guide:

    * Maneuvering through medical, legal, and financial tangles
    * Distinguishing AD from other brain diseases and medical conditions
    * Handling the fears that may accompany the diagnosis
    * Evaluating current drug therapies; watching out for scams and quack treatments
    * Finding the best doctors; dealing with attorneys and CPAs
    * Looking at Medicare regulations
    * Evaluating the cost of care
    * The current state of research, diagnosis, and treatment

    The book breaks down all the jargon (so no need to have a medical dictionary on hand to explain all the technical stuff - makes the job a lot easier!), is clear and concise and presented in a style that can just be 'dipped into' - a VERY useful and informative book intended for 'caregivers' etc. but invaluable also to me too... okay, some of the info. in there is U.S. specific (i.e. benefits available etc. which is not useful to me personally, living here in the U.K.) yet the majority of it is universal.

    The copy I got was published in 2004 - so it's all relatively new stuff, which has the advantage over must of the 'academic' stuff I've been accessing at the University library (much of which are antiques lol).

    I've put this in the 'research' part of the forum... but this is a book that I feel is useful for all - from People with dementia and their carers, to professionals and 'lay people' alike - anyone with an interest in Dementia Issues should certainly check this out I reckon.



    P.S. If anyone sees this book anywhere else please let me know... I bet there's a 'cheapo bookshop' somewhere doing these - if so, please reply and I'll pass the info. on to anyone who will be interested.
  2. connie

    connie Registered User

    Mar 7, 2004
    Hi Neil, have to confess I borrow most of my books from the library. They are usually very good at renewing them for me so I get to keep them for a couple of months. Saves on the pennies...........Connie
  3. Great stuff Connie... I'm all for that - you don't want a houseful of books taking over!!!

    And many can be very dear... I think Tom Kitwood's book costs about £20... and there are a few others that I would have liked but at about £40 a time I won't bother!!!

    Can I ask, does your library have any good books on Dementia related issues - I'm just curious, because I have to say, the University Library I go to doesn't have all that many, and what they do have isn't that recent... but then again, this I feel is a neglected area of care anyhow (I'll not get on my 'high horse' about this one... I'll just have to saddle up a Shetland Pony and sulk instead).

    Let me know - it would be nice to know that information is available locally for people interested.

    In fact... you've prompted me I think... next time I get chance, I'll have to check our local libraries to see what books are available in my area... I can give this information to our local branch too at the next meeting and can then let folk know about what's available.

    So thanks for that.


  4. connie

    connie Registered User

    Mar 7, 2004
    Neil, shall read the book list.
    In the past, if anyone has recommended a book, or I have seen one mentioned in an article, I have asked my library to order me a copy.

    The library itself is only a small branch, so not too much in stock on demintia, but they have always been most helpful.

    Attended two lectures by Dr. Graham Stokes, which completely changed my thinking on behaviour problems, and he has co-written a couple of books.
    More for professional carers, but I found them useful.

    Thanks for all your help and info. Connie
  5. Thanks for replying again Connie... any information you need that I can ever help with in the future, let me know and I'll try my best.

    As to the lectures you attended - sounds interesting... I think that any information re: dementia is worth accessing, and not just for 'professionals'... at some futire point I will be repeating my 'MMSE Teaching Session' and I'd be happy for anyone to be there/access the information - to me, feedback is important when doing these things.

    I'm also in the process of developing a 'Laughter Therapy' presentation too - so that's keeping me busy!

    As to that book list - it's basically an inventory of books available in our area - I simply typed in the word 'dementia' into the search box, and it came up with those.

    What I have done though throughout my practice is compiled a 'dementia notebook' which I carry around with me... anything I found useful I jotted down and although only a wee book it's CRAMMED full of info.

    My key sourcces of info. being the A.S. Website, Alzheimer's Research Trust, the A.S. 'Share' Magazine, info on Personhood and Malignant Social Psychology by Tom Kitwood, A.S. info. sheets etc. etc.

    Seeing that I will be working in dementia care I find it invaluable!

    Plus... another tip for updates which I feel is useful - go to and click the button for 'news'.

    Type in 'alzheimer's' or whatever and it will give you the most recent news articles/sites etc.

    Hope that any of this is of use to you and anyone else reading this thread.



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