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really not sure i can carry on coping much longer ??!!


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Oct 28, 2013
Hello mommiddizzle, l have had an assessment with SS, and my hubby, as l have carer's burn out, hubby has no capacity, but says there is nothing wrong with him, my Dr said look for CH as you are not safe to be with him. SS said oh no we can help you to keep your hubby at home, 2 days a week day care a carer when ever l needed one, hubby went to day care last week he was a nightmare, tried to open locked doors, got very aggressive, they let him go into the garden, he tried to jump over the fence, he would not eat any dinner, would not have a drink, so he now refuses to go again, also refuses to go out with carer, has been for one month, so back to caring 24/7, happy days


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Mar 15, 2012
.....do you know what !!?? bring it on !!
How dare they say its down to whether HE (OH) agrees or has capacity to make a decision !!?? i have sat and thought about the convo with SW today and i will not accept that this can be right! if they believe HE (OH) is capable of deciding whether or not i need respite then they can think again (this is the man who just 2 nights ago was pointing a remote control at his pants at 4 oclock in the morning asking me 'how his pants work??'....... now it maybe that when this 'woman' (who has never set eyes on him before) turns up at a time hen he is quite lucid and decides during that meeting that he 'is capable of making a decision' and that he cant go into respite because 'he refuses' then i will eat my hat !! His daughter will be there who is a legal professional and completely on board with my problems and her dad's, i am going to see my GP on Thursday and speak to her about how i feel so its all on my record watch this space troops xxx


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May 23, 2014
Good luck Mommidizzle
I am totally in support of you. The respite is for you!!! You need it, irrespective of whether he is deemed to have capacity!

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