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Rapid Decline/Safeguarding - please advise


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Oct 18, 2013
My mother in in the later stages on Dementia with Lewy bodies but until the last 6 weeks was able to maintain some conversation around her family and continues to recognise all of us and her friend. SHe does have periods or distress and is quite vocal but i think this is mainly due to staff not trying to find out the causes for the distress.

I found her alone in a room with door shut, TV on high screaming in pain. i Got the nurse to check her and she had developed a pressure sore they were not aware of.

She has had 3 or 4 episodes where she has gone floppy, eyes rolled back, unable to speak.

The nursing home were not concerned about these episodes and said they were 'fainting episodes' but i asked for GP to review. Was told due to low BP but no treatment. So i questioned this and he then agreed to amend her meds. I also feel her cognition and co-ordination have declined since these episodes almost like TIA's?

Mum has also lost 15% weight in four months, and has been refusing main meals and breakfasts for a few weeks. i asked for mum to be referrred to a dietician and GP said it was natural decline and she was still in the 'normal' weight category despite losing 9Kg in four months and he refused to refer her. I asked about ensure drinks, blood tests etc and said something about people being end of life and we don't do that here. I said surely you have a duty of care to promote mums general health so it is the best it can be.

I had been asked to make advance care decision regarding DNR which i have not been comfortable with but have agreed as i think mum would have wanted this. i have LPA.

Since agreeing to this and also non-hospitalisation i get the impression they have written her off.

I have complained in writing to GP but they have not taken any immediate action. Mum has now developed a pressure sore.

We did raise our concerns with the manager a week ago but she was very defensive. We saw mum dehydrated and this was reported by another visitor who we know.

One member of staff says she often feels sorry for mum as she is not helped to drink very often or the drink is at the other end of the room so when she is on duty she tried to give her plenty to drink.

Not sure what action to take next...who do i contact for advice...do i change GP asap?

I have noticed the home are suddenly promoting drinks in the main lounge which is new. It was a shock to see everyone drinking.

Re-applied for CHC MDT assessment as turned down 3 months ago but meeting was a farce. Would prefer care at home if she got funded as husband of 50 years still at family home but has his own problems.

Hamster Wheel

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Apr 20, 2017
Keep talking with the manager, tell them your concerns, it sounds like the staff have been given a rocket about drinks so you are being taken notice of.


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Sep 17, 2010
I think you need to escalate.

Suggest you speak to the GP and say you want a second doctor's opinion as fast as one can be arranged because you're very concerned about your Mum's deterioration. If possible put together before talking to the GP the paperwork showing your Mum's decline, weight loss and the personally and independently witnessed failings in her care.

How closely is that pressure sore being monitored please and who's doing the treatment?