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Project feedback. Is reminscence therapy helpful?


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Nov 24, 2015

I am a 3rd year mental health student nurse. I am currently working in a multidisciplinary group including adult student nurses and student midwives. One of our units involves us a team to lead a service improvement project of our choice.

As a group, we have all had experience of working with people who are living with dementia and would love to create something that could assist their cognition and daily life. We are all familiar with the ‘this is me’ document developed by Alzheimer's Society and are interested in the benefits of person-centered care and reminiscence therapy.

The idea we are interested in developing is an app to be used on an IPad/IPhone for service users suffering a cognitive impairment and are particularly interested in early onset dementia. We feel that an app which used the idea and evidence base of reminiscence therapy would be a beneficial and fun method of prompting their memory as well as using up to date technology. The app will include options of uploading photos, videos and music clips of an individual's family, history, life events and hobbies. In practice, we have noticed that more people of all ages are using Ipads and so we would like the app to be user friendly for clients of an older age, as well as be available for carers to put together for their loved ones and nursing staff to use in care homes. Through research and experience we have realised that reminiscence therapy is a valuable tool when interacting with people who have dementia and is valuable for both the individuals memory as well as assisting and improving family bonds. We feel that an app which could include photos of loved ones and memories from the past would be beneficial to the lives of those who have dementia as well as being easily accessible by all with a smartphone.

It would be much appreciated to hear your thoughts on our idea and if you feel this would be helpful. For carers and family members, especially family members that are not seen daily, it may be a starter for conversation to discuss old memories.

Thank you in advance for any comments.
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