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Payments to an account

Miners daughter

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Jan 18, 2014
can anyone tell me if it is possible to open up a separate new bank account, and arrange for patients state pension, industrial injury pension and occupational pension to be credited to that account. The new account would be in power of attorneys name but their relatives payments would be credited. The only reason for this is so that all patients funds go into account and all payments to care home,council etc leave from account along with any of the relatives expenses eg toiletries etc. nothing untoward being done, just hoping to keep it all clear and simple. Does the dwp allow someone's pension to go into the POa's name only account that would be set up for this.


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Jun 27, 2006
The DWP has absolutely no problem with this: if you are an appointee they actually recommend that state benefits go into an account in the appointees name. Of course you have an LPA/EPA which is even better so you shouldn't have any problem setting up the sort of account you outline. The best way to title it is to have it as "miners daughter as attorney for miners parent" since that way, it makes it clear that it isn't your own money and you don't have any issues with who owns the money etc.

Edit: "shouldn't" should probably come with a caveat - some banks are better than others with this sort of thing.