Patience was the Right Approach


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Jun 2, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
I posted some time ago about "Romance in the Alzheimer's Home" when my mom announced she was "falling in love" with another resident and "planning to marry him" (although my father is still alive). She was very bubbly about the romance, and my husband and I were afraid of taking her to visit my dad, for fear something might bubble out that would really hurt him.

People here in TP advised the course of action we were about decided on anyway, which was *not* to get my parents together for a while.

Waiting it out seems to have worked. After a few weeks, the excitement seemed to die down. Things were calmer about a month ago, when my husband and I went for a 3-week vacation to England. When we got back, things were calmer yet. The home informed me that the gentleman's medication had been adjusted, which made him less interested, which made my mom less interested ... and I think the excitement had just worn off anyway.

A couple of days after we got back, we took my mom over to see my dad. That sounded great to her! "I'm going to visit my husband!" she said happily to another resident as we were headed out the door of her home. And my parents were happy to see each other and the visit went quite calmly.

Thanks, all, for your advice and encouragement in this sticky situation!



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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Karen, so very happy for you in what was a difficult situation. You handled it well. Thank goodness the problem has now passed and your parents are once again united as a couple despite the Alzheimers and the problems it brings. Love She. XX

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