Opinions of Standards of Care in Residential & Nursing Home needed from Residents or


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Apr 1, 2005

I am a Health Studies & Business Management student at University College Worcester. I am putting together my proposal for my final years independent study. My plan is to look at the standards of care within elderley care homes from various perspectives. As well as looking at official documents such as inspection reports, I would like to access the opinions of people who have experienced the care within care homes - either as a resident of a care home, or as a relative or friend of a resident.

Having accessing to these people is very difficult(which is why I am using a discussion board). I feel however that accessing these experiences is a very worthwhile exercise, and will add a greater insight to my study.

At this stage I wanted to ask people (from the relevent groups I am looking for) how they would feel most comfortable giving information about their experiences:
Interviews (via telephone or face to face or via email)? on-line questionnaires? or perhaps another method not listed above.

Confidentiality will be respected at all times.

My email address at University is: PORL1_94@worc.ac.uk

This email is posted for verification that I am who I say I am. Emails sent to this address are forwarded to my own personal yahoo email account. The reason for this is that you have to be on-site at uni to access the uni email system. If further authentification is needed it can be provided.

I would welcome any help that anyone can offer me in my venture!!

Many thanks for reading my request - Lisa