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One to One Care

Chris 72

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Jul 8, 2020
Hi folks. My mother has been in a nursing home since September after intially going in there for respite. She is currently receiving one to one care which has been authorised for 12 months in order that a suitable nursing home can be found. The SS say that she needs to be in a are home with EMI. Current nursing home is brilliant and whilst one to one is in place they are happy to keep her. The SS every few weeks will contact us to say they have possibly found somewhere but these have been turned down by us sure to locality or not great CQC reports. Current nursing home have said wherever my mother is placed she will need one to one care. This is due to her wandering into other residents rooms and disturbing them. The nursing home she is in now say it is a safeguarding issue for her and other residents. My point is why can't she stay where she is if one to one is needed but SS say one to one won't be needed in a new EMI setting. My mother's behavior won't change in the short term and I don't want her moving if they reinstate one to one care when they find a new home which is pointless. I'm not sure that the SW gives the homes the full picture of what my mother daily behavior is. I have seen the report from the SS that has been sent to the home but some of it is outdated. They are taking about if she moves they'd complete an NHS checklist.....surely this should be completed already. They did talk of a best interest meeting where all of us could be involved but this hasn't happened. This was mentioned months ago. Anyone had any experience in the past? I've heard of CHC via NHS who can confirm one to one care but not sure if this is applicable. Thoughts and advice welcome. Thank you.


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May 27, 2016
May I direct you to info@safeguardingfutures.co.uk
There is a useful Facebook Page. Steve and Melanie Parsons give free advice.
They gave me the details of a free advocacy service, most counties if not all fund these.

She attended a couple of meetings with me as a back up. Mainly she listened but was able to step in when Social Worker was wrong about law and procedure.
she also was able give me advice and help me be more confident.
The lack of funding means Social Services are looking for the cheapest option. my husband was offered a place 50 miles away even though I had no public transport, health issues myself.
she was worth her weight in gold.


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Jan 2, 2020
Based on my experience I think the Sws are correct. In a proper EMI home one-to-one care probably would not be needed just for wandering as other coping strategies would be in place. However - depending on the level of need - such homes can be few and far between. My husband ended up in a home 45 miles from me, other relatives of residents were travelling even further.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
My mum was a wanderer and moved into an EMI care home where the staff seemed to manage it and no-one batted an eyelid when told that she wandered. Other care homes couldnt manage it, though, and refused to accept her.


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Jan 5, 2014
I've recently moved my mum to an EMI home, she isn't a wanderer, but I did see wanderers at all of the homes I looked at, and my understanding is that EMI homes are likely to manage this level of behaviour. I did ask how they managed wanderers at each home in terms of protecting my mum as I was aware it might be an issue.

I used an independent social worker, which I did have to pay for, to assist me in my search for a home, my mum is self funding and the cost was less than half a weeks stay £270. This meant she communicated my mum's needs to each home she contacted so that I was certain the home was appropriate before visiting to see how I felt about it.