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On to a new phase


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Oct 30, 2014
I posted a couple of times last autumn when my Mum with middle stage VD was eating very little. Sadly Mum went down hill rapidly after Christmas and died at the end of January. My Dad moved in with us when Mum went into the nursing home. Dad has Alzheimer's and VD. He's been showing signs of it for about 5 years but only got a diagnoses when he moved in with us and I got him to go to the doctors he had refused to see anyone before.
He misses my Mum very much. He never realised had ill she was.
I will post now on" I care for a person with dementia."
Though I haven't posted much I found reading all the threads very helpful.
Good luck to you all who are seeing people through the mid to late stage VD .It's not easy


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Apr 24, 2013
Rosie you have a big heart and must love your parents very much. To go through this once is a tall order but twice takes a special kind of daughter. Good wishes to you.