obsessive behaviour with post


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Dec 30, 2005
My father who is 72 and probably coming up to mid stage A.D has got into a habit of waiting obsessively for postman and recieving much mail from these " you have won a million pounds, just have to send us a cheque for 20 pounds first" theives. Last year he was responding to many of them and altogether sent off 250 pounds. This year he's not actually sending money off anymore, but still sends the attachments back, his wife is beside herself and is in competition to reach postman first to be able to throw majority away! He argues it gives him something to do.
I would like advice on this... my idea is to subscribe him to quiz magazines etc. that can come through the post, I found one on the internet.. compers magazine, a magazine about all the competitions you can enter in the uk, would this be a good idea or make him more obsessive? I need advise on magazines as I live in France and can't just pop into w.h smith and look myself. thankyou.


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Jun 3, 2005
Stopping unwanted mail

Whilst this will not stop mail from anyone to whom your father has replied, you can register their address on line at www.mpsonline.org.uk This is the Mailing Preference Service and whilst it won't stop everything, it may help a bit.

Can't offer any advice on magazines, but sounds like a good idea & I expect someone else here will come up with a more helpful response.

Good luck


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Mar 7, 2004
Lynne has given you some good advice there, I just wanted to welcome you to TP as I noticed it was your first posting.

You have joined a really caring, compassionate group of people and it is always nice to have new members. WELCOME. Connie


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Dec 30, 2005
Thanks Lynne, I already registered with the mailing pref. service last year, has helped a little. and thanks Conie.


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Dec 1, 2005
get ther first

I have had the same problem with my husband. I have found the only way - because he will reply, especially to the wins - and the Reader' Digest offers, is to get there first and then have somewhere to quickly put the rubbish mail. It can be something like under a pile of magazines or another place he does not know about.
It does help if there is occasionally something addressed to him - maybe, since you live away you could write just a few words every couple of days - or would that make him even more obsessive about getting the post? I am lucky because my husband is a great sleeper and I can often get the post before he is up, or whilst he is still having his breakfast.


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Jul 2, 2005
Husband and cat do the same thing

My husband is not that post obsessed, but I am inclined to chuck junk mail (No, I don't want another credit card, thank you) straight into the waste paper basket, unopened.

Even if the envelope is addressed to me, and plastered with stuff that makes it obvious it is junk, husband always gets them out of the wpb and gives them back.

In July we got a new kitten, who has clearly caught this trait, as he is equally obsessed with taking anything out of wpbs - he leaves a trail of bins on their sides, with things I have thrown away up to three or four times spilling out, while he is busy killing some innocent piece of paper somewhere.

Still, I suppose it is nice they share an interest...


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Nov 23, 2005
first lady

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