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NY Marathon


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Apr 25, 2004
Isle of Man
Hi there all,
I'm really considering doing the next New York Marathon. I've sent off for the info pack but was wondering whether anybody that has done it before could tell me some stuff. I'll start training in about mid May-I wanted to find out whether that would be too early or too late. The other thing was to find how much the minimum sponser amount is to go without having to pay, so I'll know to put more hours in on a summer job (I am student now).
I know someone that did it last year for the MS Society and they really enjoyed it.
Look forward to hearing from you!!


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Apr 25, 2004
Isle of Man
yeah I'll be doing it for the Alzheimer's Society and I think I can get quite a few local businesses for sponsorship. The only think is that I went on the marathon site and it said applications have to reach them by May 1st for international runners and it is a lottery to decide who gets in. Does anyone know if that is for people who just want to run for the sake of it or if its for everyone (inc. those running for charities)-or else i doubt i'll be able to get it in-my info pack might not even have arrived by then. And here was me thinking I was considering this with time on my side!!
New York Marathon

Hi Brian,

This is Claire from the Alzheimer's Events Team!

The Society does have guaranteed places in the New York Marathon this year.

The sponsorship levels are as follows:

Cost of 3-day trip including race entry, accommodation and flights is £689.

In order to go COMPLETELY FOR FREE you would need to raise £1,599.

However there are other levels of sponsorship open to you.

If you raised £500+ then you will get your race entry fee for free but would have to pay your accommodation and flight costs yourself. This would cost you about £612.

If you raised £900+ then you would receive your race entry and flights free. Which means you would just have to pay for your accommodation. This would cost you around £180.

If you would like more information and a booking form please email nymarathon@alzheimers.org.uk. You will receive a pack automatically by return of email.

I hope this helps! Any other questions please feel free to contact me on 0207 306 0826.

Best wishes

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