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Nursing Homes - Help please ?????


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Oct 9, 2003

My mum is 56 and is currently in a Care Home, but she now needs to be moved to a Nursing Home.

Can anyone recommend or warn me about any Nursing Homes in the Seaton / Exeter / Hointon / Lyme Regis area of Devon please?

I would much prefer my mum to be placed in somewhere thats recommended rather than not?

Thanks in advance
Jackie :(


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Sep 16, 2005
Filling in the gaps

Jackie, I am no help as I live in Australia but thought I'd at least reply to say good luck and I hope you get some recommendations because I know how horrible it is to post on here and not get a response. Though I'm sure you'll get some, it just sometimes takes a day or so.
I especially wanted to reply knowing that you are at the stressful stage of finding a home for your Mum. You can't be much older than me, possibly younger? I'm 31 and my Dad is 61 and in full care at a nearby nursing home. Anytime you want to chat feel free to message me.

Thinking of you,


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Jackie, get in touch with your local Alzheimers branch for the area. They will be able to give you first hand information. If you dont know where to contact, the help desk at main office should be able to help. The number is 0845 300 0336. Good luck, please keep us posted. Love She. XX


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Jul 25, 2005
I think the national office of the Alzheimer's Society have a list of all services for younger people in the country, so they should be able to tell you if there is a nursing home for younger people in your area. There are not many nursing homes for younger people, so there may not be.

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