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Nursing home assessment, feel confused

Dog Lady

Registered User
Dec 22, 2014
My MIL has been assessed by a lovely nursing home that I would love her to go to. The problem is that they have told me they can not accept her as her diabetes is unstable and it could take a few hours for a Dr to come out to her.

The problem is that her sugars are under control and I don't see how the Dr problem is an issue as they have nurses in the home and if her sugars were to drop you treat the hypo ASAP and not wait for the Dr. I was told when her sugars are stable they would reassess in a few months.

My MIL is in hospital on a psychiatric ward at the moment, I have seen her sugar levels, they are near prefect.

The hospital have been told she can not go to the home because they don't have enough nurses to administer her insulin.

Im really unsure what to do. I feel lied to, confused and unsure if I should confront them with the information I have.

I would love some advice please

Dog Lady


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Dec 30, 2011
I haven't got any advice but I would be a bit concerned if I were told that it would take a few hours for a GP to come out. Is that the norm in any case? What if she were very ill in some other way. Do they give a reason why - is he far away; is it a rural area?


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
In the home my wife was in there was a very clear distinction between those in the nursing area and those in the residential area.

Except in a life or death situation the nurses would not attend people in the residential area, they had to be seen by the district nurse. I believe it was related to FNC funding.


Volunteer Moderator
Feb 27, 2015
I wouldn't waste my energy confronting them. I'd focus on finding somewhere suitable for your mum. Good luck.