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Jan 19, 2011
North East England
Hi all

I'd like to make my mam a noticeboard that can be hung on the wall which can contain old photos, receipts, leaflets,,etc, anything that might catch her eye that she could remove, look at and talk about, etc.

Does anyone know of any simpe instructions on how to make one? I'd like the type that's criss-crossed with ribbon or string so that items can be tucked in, rather than have to be pinned on, for obvious reasons.

CreativeSarah, I hope you see this message, this may be one for you!



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Dec 1, 2006
It looks splendid and not too hard to assemble, but I think I might worry about the furniture nails. I can't think of another way of securing the ribbons at the cross points though. Someone more inventive than me needs to look at this. Creative Sarah, where are you? x


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Apr 12, 2013
I think that is such a lovely idea!

There are lots of great ideas online and a notice board is quite simple.

Get a piece of 6mm mdf (my husband use to work for kitchen and bedroom factories, so knows his stuff)

Somewhere who supply this would be able to cut it to size for you.

Cover one size with foam from a craft shop then over that choose some pretty fabric and glue at the back but I would secure with a staple gun.

Add some co-ordinating ribbon in a criss cross pattern, this will be where you could slip in photos and letters. You could get an idea from a shop that sells these boards at huge prices, but these are pretty cheap to make.

Plus the crafting is very relaxing and will reduce stress levels!