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No carers to put dad to bed


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May 7, 2019
After spending all day with dad I went home.(I live 18 miles away no car)
I got a phone call from dad saying no one had turned up. This was at 21.45 so I jumped in a taxi and went there.Also at the other end was my daughter who was going to be staying at my mums as she couldn’t get back as no trains so I asked her to get a taxi and meet me at dads.
Dad was not a happy chappie when we arrived but did cheer up
I left him at 15.30 to go home with food and drink but obviously that had all gone so he had something to eat and drink alongside his medication.He was pleased to see his granddaughter so had a good old chat.We assisted him to bed with his frame and attached his catheter and then left him to it.Shauna went home by taxi and I went to mums.She is a carer in a home so that is good.

I was absolutely furious!
I sent an email on Ist July stating what days I would be there so the carers weren’t needed but no one had looked at it in over a week.
This was obvious when the carer came at lunchtime that day(the same day /night dad was not assisted to bed) and I said to her that lunch and tea were cancelled on that day. The carer spoke on the phone to the woman who does the rota who apologised. She had been on holiday and no one had looked at the emails!
Incompetent doesn’t cover it!


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Feb 28, 2017

That's atrocious - can you get to speak to the manager of the care company? They really should be carrying out an urgent review to establish what went wrong, as this is a safeguarding issue. There should be processes in place for covering everyone's duties when absent, even more so in the care sector.

Hope you get some satisfactory answers about what actions they plan to to take to prevent it happening again.