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NHS Foundation Trusts


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May 14, 2006
Local people can become members of the new NHS Foundation Trusts and have a say in how they are run. A member can help to improve patient care by feeding in their views and ideas.
It could be a good opportunity for some TP members to put forward ideas for better ways of caring for dementia patients in hospital, so they don't get so distressed.
One of our local hospitals will be advertising in libraries and newspapers in the next few weeks. It would be a good way to raise awareness and encourage good practice.


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Mar 7, 2004
Thanks Kayla, I was aware of this, but not able to participate at this time. Thanks for drawing eveyones attention to this situation.


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Hi Kayla
there are many other steering groups, who like to have a patient view and where we can highlight the problems with carers and dementia.
The local PCT may be able to point you in the right direction,should you be interested.


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Dec 1, 2006
Not quite out of date, Nada, but you have to dig deep to find out what's going on. Here's a Feb extract from the CPPIH website ( Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health') In short, the system that replaced Community Health Councils after their painful and expensive abolition in 2003, is now also being abolished in favour of a different system.

"February 2007
Gambling with the Public Voice in Health

The Government's plans to reform the public voice in health are ill thought through and unworkable – according to the patient's watchdog, the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health.

Giving evidence to the Health Select Committee, Sharon Grant, Chair of the Commission, heavily criticised the plans, saying the proposed new system was an irresponsible gamble, and being set up to fail.

Speaking on behalf of the Commission's 400 statutory Patient and Public Involvement Forums, she said that there was huge concern that their abolition was a serious mistake, and that their replacement by ill-defined local involvement networks (LINks) had not been adequately thought through.

“We can see no reason to tear up the good work currently under way by PPI Forums across the country, or to go through the pain and delay involved in setting up yet another system. At a time when there is huge public interest in the reform of the NHS, we need to build on solid achievements under existing arrangements.

“Whilst we agree on the need to strengthen the voice of the public in health and social care, current proposals will be seen as weakening it at a critical time. The system will be strapped for cash from the outset, and duplication of functions at local level will waste what resources are available. Local LINks are a vague concept, and will have fewer powers to investigate local services – and they will have no national voice. Without adequate resources and support they will face an unmanageable task over huge geographical areas, and will be unable to engage with those whose needs are often the greatest in health.”

“The need for a powerful public voice in health is greater today than it has ever been – and guesswork about what might work - and cost public money - is just not good enough! We urge Parliament to think very carefully indeed about what is now before it.”

The January entry is equally scathing. See www.cppih.org