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New To The Forum And Wanted Some Advise


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Jun 7, 2015
Hello Fellow Carers - This is the first time I have posted to ANY forum but was hoping that some of you may be able to help. My father has mixed dementia but until recently was not offered any medication due to having a very slow heart rate. He has now been offered the drug "Memantine" but as a family we have declined it for the time being until we can find out more information and establish if it will be safe for him.

Is anyone else caring for someone who is on this medication? If so it would be great to find out what difference it is making to the lives of both the patient and the carer. Also any side effects would be great to hear about.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Many have tried it with varying results.
I would suggest you give it a try, persevere if any minor problems occur and titrate it to higher dosage if no problems.
Every case is different, I don't think anybody has reported a permanent downturn but several have reported lessening of symptoms at least for a short to medium term.


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
Hi random, glad you made it here. You will find lots of great advice here. Welcome.
I have no knowledge personally of metamine but I'm sure others here will have. I would however always be guided by medical professionals with drug interactions and take what people say on any message board as anecdotal. I'm not saying what people on here are wrong, not even slightly, it's just their experience rather than years of testing etc that goes into all prescription drugs.


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Nov 23, 2014
Hi Random and welcome to TP, I am sure you will be glad you joined. As nitram says, none of us are medical experts, just speaking from our own experience. Memantine suited my Mum very well and she heart problems too, on Warfarin etc. In fact I would say it helped to keep her at home and calmed her to some degree, though she was in a care home latterly. You do not know until its tried, your doctor has the medical records after all. All the best. chrisdee.
You asked about side effects, we were not aware of any.
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Jul 24, 2014
Hi Random, my hubby has been using Mementine since August last year .Initially there was a significant difference and as titration increased he had some good some bad days and severe anxiety of a morning .But may I say he had severe anxiety beforehand so was not the cause .At the moment from 20mgs he has reduced down to 10mgs as monitored by the clinic due to slightly raised blood pressure and not feeling so good.
Now he is receiving half of his original medication he is not as well with language and doing everything opposite, not sure where we are heading at the moment.Sometimes I feel he is calm and much better, then he is just not ,either confused and cannot find his words or nodding off all day with a sudden weakness.Maybe he would be worse without the medication it is hard to know as degeneration will not stop,sadly.
Sorry I can't advise other than if they monitor the situation you will be able to take there experienced advice . Love to all xx