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Jun 29, 2015
New Member - Mums paranoid

Hi I am waiting for my mums diagnosis, she's 68. She is been going to the memory clinic and is now waiting for the results at the end of the month.

She has been having the usual memory problems associated with dementia for a few years now which have steadily got worse.

Now she has developed delusions, very quickly in the last few weeks, a lot of them paranoid.

Some are nice, like she believes her mum sewed up a royal ladies wedding dress and she sees royals where they really would not be. They keep her happy but now its mostly paranoid stuff.

This evening I have been trying to reassure her as she believes people like friends and their kids are working at the memory clinic and have breached her privacy by going through her family tree. She is worried they might be able to read all her private messenger chats.

She had been sitting there making up simple alphabet codes and wanted me to put in secret code in to wikipedia so she can find out about it without being detected.

Poor dad has tried to reassure her that at the next appointment he will check everything's okay, but no she wants to go around and have chat with poor accused women who does not even work there, with dad.

She seems to think she is being watched by a company, that my brother does not actually work for and has ask him to call them off.

There are loads of other stuff going on and she is very confused and anxious.

Its difficult to find the balance between reassurance and going along with it. She can be somewhat reassured, but she is a very strong women, feisty, does not suffer fools gladly and very intelligent.

Also I don't think Facebook is helping her, she sees stuff that it starts her off.

I tried to gently encourage her to keep her friends list to family and close friends but she does not want to.

One picture with someone having a lump on their arm, caused her to believe that dragon flies plant eggs under your skin.

I'm also the family techie so I'm trying to work out a balance between moderating stuff that might make her think stuff and letting her have a connection to people for as long as possible, she likes all the photo's and I think its important for her to have that, but at the same time she is starting to see stuff in the photos that is not there.

She must be in the early stages to still be able to use her tablet, but does anyone else have a problem like this.

How can she do all this, put spend sooo much time looking for lost stuff.

She can only focus on one thing at a time. Cant like look through the cupboard for cake and have the idea of ice cream as a maybe going on in the back of the mind. She's so different from dad now, its shocking.

I am now finding myself kind of tip toeing around her, trying to work out how to respond as I know you cant correct her as its her reality, but I want to make her feel less anxious.
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Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Chesney

Welcome to Talking Point.

My husband had delusions but they were in mid stage Alzheimer`s and not as scary as the ones your mother is having.

He believed his family was responsible for India`s Moon Mission in 2009 and wanted us all to go to India so we could share the glory. We were just able to go along with this. It made him happy.

Your mother`s delusions are very different .

I would try to bring her diagnosis forward. It isn`t fair she should be so disturbed without any help. It`s all I can think of I`m sorry.


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May 22, 2015
Hi and welcome from another fairly new member.

I dont have any experience of what you are going through but it must be very difficult and upsetting for you as well as distressing for your Mother.

I too would go back to the clinic and hurry things along so that you then know exactly what you are dealing with and can get the necessary help. Its not fair on any of you to be going through this.

I would also suggest you get your Mothers sodium levels checked as well as make sure she doesn't have a urinary tract infection that is making things worse. My mother was terribly unwell because of both of these and was in hospital for 3 weeks......just a thought.

Good luck xx


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Jun 29, 2015
Thanks for the advice.

Yeah I will have to chat with my dad about this somehow.

We tried last night, but she's wanting to know what we are talking about.

It's difficult to talk when she's like this.