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NeuroGenesis... my next read....


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Jun 10, 2017
I'm sure there are more of you out there who read everything you can about dementia; it does become your life and takes over!

Anyway, I've just got my next book... The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle.

I'm not promoting this book in anyway! This is not an endorsement! It me just telling you what I'm reading.

Neurogenesis... made up of to greek words.... which is the thing in all sorts of science, makes it sound better. Neurogenesis .... Neuro = Nerve and Genesesis = Creation

So this book is about, the relatively new theory, the creation of Nerves Cells.

Up until the late 1990... it was an established fact that nerve cells.... in the brain stopped being created after you were about 20. After that they started a steady road of decline.

It is now believed that nerve cells continue to be created all our lives and if this is true, it could be a big plus for us with dementia!

There is research that shows that nerve cells grow and there is research that say they don't, but over the last 5 years much more research is being done on Neurogenesis, so fingers crossed it is positive.

The main area of research is in nerve creationists in the Hippocampus.... this is basically the control centre to our continually thinking brain and is vital for learning, memory, spacial awareness and mood etc. Damage to the Hippocampus is a major factor in dementia, in varying degrees. In Alzheimer's it is one of the first regions to be affect. So you can see why they want to carry out this research.

If pharmaceutical companies can produce a drug that promotes neurogenesis... well this would be of interest to everyone and I think they would make a view pounds!

The research that seems to be in the news along side Neurogenesis is that of Neuroplasticity, but that is my next research project.

By the way! Hippocampus is another one of those created words from Greek...
apparently it means Seahorse..
Doesn't quite have the same ring to it... 'The old Seahorse has gone a bit haywire!'

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