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My mum is in a lovely carehomes but the local authority say she has to move due to fi


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Feb 11, 2016
My mum is in a lovely care home it is for people with dementia, the careers are all dementia trained the environment is especially designed for people with dementia eg toilets are painted red they provide individually tailored activities they have a memory garden it is safe and she is very happy there. My mum has been self funding but her money is running out, the local authority want to move her to a home which will be difficult for us to visit it is not any where as nice and my mum was so distressed when moved to a respite home in the past she became very depressed and was so distressed every time we visited we can't bear her to be like this again we need to put a awe forward to keep her at her current home has anyone else been through this experience


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Dec 15, 2012
Hi Rosco
I believe you can challenge the LA on the grounds that a move is not in your mum's best interests exactly because of this:
will be difficult for us to visit
mum was so distressed when moved to a respite home in the past she became very depressed and was so distressed every time we visited
I'm sure in the morning others with more specific knowledge will have advice
Best wishes
PS - it's so late I missed that you are new here - so a warm welcome :)
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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Rosco. welcome to TP
The 2014 care act is a strange and new thing which only came into force earlier this year. From what you say I'd asked how they've addressed the issues in the following part of the new care act:

Section 1
Promoting individual well-being
“Well-being”, in relation to an individual, means that individual’s well-being so far as relating to any of the following—
(g) domestic, family and personal relationships;
If moving her might cause you or others; friends and family to visit less often then that could be a breech of the regulations.

Para 3
(f) the importance of achieving a balance between the individual’s well-being and that of any friends or relatives who are involved in caring for the individual.

Section3 Promoting integration of care and support with health services etc.
(1) A local authority must exercise its functions under this Part with a view to ensuring the integration of care and support provision with health provision and health-related provision where it considers that this would—
(a) promote the well-being of adults in its area with needs for care and support and the well-being of carers in its area.
Note this says "well-being of carers" that's you not your Mum that they're required to promote the well being of but YOU.
Section 7
“Services for meeting care and support needs” means—
(b) services for meeting carers’ needs for support.
Again you (and others concerned with your Mum;s care) have the right to have support and it that means the time and cost of the extra travel this has to be considered.

There's a link to the act below and it's heavy going but there are plenty of grounds on which you can question the move, I've just outlined a few.
As I've suggested before print out the first page, attach it to 603 (I think) blank pieces of paper then when you're "told" something ask what part of the act they're referring to exactly. Sadly social services sometimes quote the old CRAC rules which no longer apply or what they believe (or want to believe) are the rules as they see them.
Unfortunately this could be a case where "the one who shouts the loudest gets the most" but if you can challenge everything and become a big enough pain in the bottom they might just back down.
Sadly that means that those best able to speak out may benefit the most and those least able to be a good advocate may lose out so if you have any issues then insist it is done in writing so you have a chance to get advise and consider your reply rather than the stress of a meeting.
Sorry if I bored you but I hope it might help.