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My mother was recently diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's


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Dec 15, 2012
hello @HayleyG
a warm welcome to DTP
sorry you are struggling, the early days after a diagnosis can feel overwhelming .... joining us here will mean that you have a vast resource of members' experience to help you, and members are generous in sharing their experience to support each other ... post with anything that's on your mind and someone will respond

maybe you need some help with home care ... if so, contact your Local Authority Adult Services and ask for an assessment of your mum's care needs, and for a carer's assessment for yourself ... they will suggest a suitable care package, eg home care visits, a visit to your home by an OT to suggest aids and adaptations
if your mum has little savings and a low income, the LA will carry out a financial assessment and may partly fund her fees
this may explain
Paying for care and support in England | Alzheimer's Society

to have a chat in real time, maybe contact the Support Line, the advisors are approachable and knowledgeable
Dementia Connect support line | Alzheimer's Society

you might also contact your and your mum's GP and explain what is on your mind, as they may be able to help and it's good to keep them updated
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