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My mother is suffering from dementia


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Apr 1, 2015

My mom is suffering from dementia from last two and a half years. Initially she stammerred while speaking now she has stopped speaking now. She had stopped taking food and was completely on liquid diet.
Now she has even stopped taking food. Can anyone suggest why this is happening and what could be the cause.
Doctors say this is the last stage. Her skin is getting dry and she is facing difficulty is swallowing.

Please suggest...


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Jul 5, 2012
west sussex
My mum isn't quite at that stage but she is losing words and going down hill. I do feel for you it's all so sad. I can't really advise on stages but I hope someone will reply with some information for you. Best wishes

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello gauravs

Some dementias progress more quickly than others and I don`t think anyone can explain why other than it depends on how the brain is affected and which areas are affected.

If she is still hungry and wants food perhaps her doctors can advise how to feed her. I can only think of pureed food fed to her on a teaspoon.

If she shows no hunger but you can get fluids into her it might make her more comfortable. You really need more professional advice than I can give you.

It`s so sad for you.


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Apr 7, 2015
Suddenly eating

mum much the same up until Saturday she had stopped eating and surviving on protein drinks.When i visited her the nurses were saying that she had eaten breakfast.
Not sure if this is a one off or again another part of the rollercoaster ride.
Just need to know why and what next