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My mother is in a nuring home and wants to come home - any advice??!!


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Nov 20, 2014
Hi, Im new to the forum however, I have found it really useful to read over the past months.
My mother has vascular dementia as well as other complicating medical conditions. She is only 67 and the disease appears to be progressing. My father has tried to care for her at home for the past 3 years however the task has become more and more demanding. As a family, we have made the difficult decision that we can no longer meet her needs. In the summer she spent 6 weeks in a nursing home and was cared for incredibly well. We decided to bring her home for 'another try' however, she had a stroke and ended up back in hospital.
My mother has no mobility, is incontinent and cannot manage her medication, including diabetes care. However, she considers that she does all of this.
She is now back in the nursing home and is depserate to come home. She has no understanding or insight into her needs. She thinks that we are being mean and that there is nothing wrong with her.
Does anyone have any strategies that we could use to help?
We are trying to visit less often to let her settle however, we then receive constant phone calls from her. What is the kindest way to deal with this??
Please help!!