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My Grandma is now in full time care, I've been living with her and I need advice on housing


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Apr 23, 2021

I've been officially living with my Nan since 2017 in a council house, a year ago she had to move to full time care and now they've stopped her housing benefit and council tax support as she's not coming back. I was under the impression I was on the tenancy but I found out today I'm not when trying to claim council tax support and I'm not really sure what to do? I've been paying the rent at her lower rate since she went into care, there's no way I could afford the full amount.

I'm really not good at this type of thing and I'm very confused as to where I go from here? If I'm not a tenant am I liable for the rent and council tax? Will I be kicked out? Is there any way to claim housing benefit and council tax support without being on the tenancy (I tried online but got stuck on the tenancy start date, that's when I called the council and found out I wasn't on it). I have nowhere else to go and I'm terrified of being made homeless.

I suffer from mental and physical health problems and I receive ESA Support Group, PiP daily living, PiP enhanced mobility and Severe Disability premium.

I just don't even know where to start or who to call. I applied for Universal Credit before finding out I wasn't on the tenancy, they're calling me at 3pm and I don't even know if I'm eligible now.


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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
Please seek proper advice- if you are not on the tenancy you could very well be expected to move out.

What do you mean ''paying the rent at the lower rate''

Was the council tax at the lower ''single person occupancy' rate too?


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Aug 26, 2018
@Jessbow - as far as the council are concerned the person eligble for the housing benefit is no longer resident and this will have stopped. Therefore the full rent for the property is now due from the date set down as the "tenancy ending. For example - my aunt was paying £31.00 rent prior to her death (tenancy ending) but her estate has had to pay £135 per week for the subsequent weeks until the keys were handed back. If MrH86's grandmother is not returning then the tenancy has ended.

@Mrh86 have you checked the housing "succession" rules for your council. You may have the right to stay under those rules which normally only allow the tenancy to pass on once but you would need to check your local authority.