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Nov 21, 2005
peak district england
just thought i would update for any one interested....

dad has been home a while and ,although he was confused and unsettled by his return home,has got back into some sort of routine.

domicilliary care is in place...mum is grumbling about the cost....but has accepted that it is the right thing for dad.

she is still refusing to contact my sisters,my sisters are still in a quandry as to what to do,

i did visit this weekend,both parents look well...and also saw my sisters too...we have all hugged each other .....i am hoping that ,in time,things will resolve .......some way or other.....

i can only wait in the side lines offering support where i can

mum has said she cant cope with paperwork and is glad my sister is dealing with this,she is enduring power of this is going to work out without direct communication is uncertain....

the saddest thing in all of this is the lack of contact for dad....i know he doesnt remember after a few minutes...and im not sure ,actually,if im sad for dad/my mum/or my sisters or even myself.....

i hope everyone has a good christmas......god bless.....

anne x


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Mar 7, 2004
Anne, thanks for bringing us up to date. Please don't stress yourself over the situation.
You and your sisters are doing the best you can. As for 'dad', I know the lack of understanding and remembering is gone, but deep down he knows so please don't be sad for him. Look after yourself, Connie


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Anne, I agree with Connie, all any of us can do is our best. Take care, try to have a good Christmas, love She. XX


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Anne,

The fog of AD casts its pallor far and wide doesn't it? Communication breakdown, paperwork and daily confusion seem to take over our entire lives at times and the daily routine is so wearing...... Try and make time to give yourself a regular dose of TP. There is much comfort to be found on this forum.

Still, there are rays of sunshine that creep through every now and again and these are the moments to hold on to. We have to become the 'keepers of the memories' for our loved ones. Look for those moments and treasure them because even the smallest smile from your father will keep you strong.

Best wishes,


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