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Musical Show

Discussion in 'Fundraising for Alzheimer's Society' started by kicksyc, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. kicksyc

    kicksyc Registered User

    Sep 6, 2017
    The Gene Pitney a fan members page on facebook are presenting a musical tribute show of Gene Pitney in Coalville Leic's,Sat Oct 14th at the Charnwood Arms Hotel, in aid of Alzheimers. There will be a musical tribute, raffle and auction of a special Gene Pitney item. We hope that many Gene Pitney fans will attend and also supporters of the Alzheimer Soc. The musical director for Gene Pitney will be there Maurice Merry, who sad to say as been diagnosed with dementia so this as bought it to the attention of many Pitney fans. Also a Booby Vee friend of mine who I had the pleasure to work with also developed dementia and as since sadly passed away. This illness as taken rich and poor, famed and everyday folk, young and old so it's a great pleasure for the fans of Gene Pitney to help support those working hard for those unfortunate people who have this illness and also to help in support of their families.

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