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Music to play during exercise


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Jul 18, 2011
Because my mum doesn't go to bed at night she's ended up with oedema where she's been sat in her chair all day and all night.

She has to be constantly reminded to elevate her legs, but the physio has been a few times to do exercises with her, which we get her to do on her bed.

After tomorrow it's all down to me (gulp! The responsibility!) and I'm going to take the opportunity to go round each night to do her exercises with her and put her to bed afterwards (or at least I'll try to because I know she hates doing the exercises and I predict she will turn un-cooperative once the physio has gone). The physio has suggested that I play music while I go through the exercises with mum.

But what? She's 86 and remarkably non-bendy so I'm guessing Macarena is out, as is my own Keep on Running album which I bought in a fit of energy when I took out the gym membership (and which is now rarely used). She likes Val Doonican so I think that's probably better, with some Glenn Miller such as Moonlight Serenade. I can't see her getting down to Sexy and I Know It a la the Specsavers ad.

I'm guessing that there have been music albums released specifically for dementia sufferers, but I'm also guessing that they are quite expensive.

Any suggestions?


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
I dont suppose it matters what the music is so long as she likes it.
I know someone whose mum was really taken with the ad that involved a man wearing short shorts and high heels ;)
She found it on youtube and played it for her mum to go the exercises to. :D


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Aug 1, 2014
Victoria, Australia
You don't say how old your mum is but perhaps some stuff from the 50s and 60s could be good.

The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley are usually still popular with the older generation and many of them have a great beat without being too heavy.


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Nov 28, 2005
I think Vera Lynn stuff goes down well with the 89 - 90 year olds. That's what my husband's NH seemed to play regularly. Also Frank Sinatra.